2020-2021 University Catalog 
    Jan 23, 2022  
2020-2021 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CORE 169C - Rwanda

A multidisciplinary examination of the ways in which community and identity have been formed, are politicized, and remain relatively static over time. This is not a course about the 1994 genocide, but rather one about how such an event could have happened. This watershed event is historically situated and culturally contextualized as a way to study Rwanda’s past and the questions it raises about its future. The experience of Rwandans and consideration of how they understand themselves are analyzed. Assesses the historical and social implications of being ethnic Hutu, Tutsi, or Twa in Rwanda, whether at particular watershed moments — in for example 1894, 1931, 1959, or 1994 — or during periods of so-called ‘normalcy’ that the country has enjoyed in the past and is experiencing at the moment.

Credits: 1.00
Corequisite: None
Prerequisites: None
Major/Minor Restrictions: None
Class Restriction: No Junior, Senior
Area of Inquiry: None
Liberal Arts CORE: Communities & Identities

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