2020-2021 University Catalog 
    Jul 03, 2022  
2020-2021 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

POSC 415 - Seminar: Social Justice Politics and Policy

Focuses on the issues and problems confronting certain socially and politically marginalized groups in contemporary American society. Such groups include racial and ethnic minorities, the poor, women, and gays and lesbians. Of particular concern is how well these groups have fared in the American political arena, the sources of and constraints upon their political clout, and the political system’s response to their concerns and demands. Students examine both the political process as it pertains to marginalized groups and also the major public policy developments affecting these groups. More specifically, students utilize traditional political science tools and methodologies in an attempt to disentangle the dynamic interplay between American political process, public policy, and the politics of social justice.

Credits: 1.00
Corequisite: None
Prerequisites: None
Major/Minor Restrictions: None
Class Restriction: None
Area of Inquiry: Social Relations,Inst.& Agents
Liberal Arts CORE: None

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