2018-2019 University Catalogue 
    Jun 22, 2021  
2018-2019 University Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SPAN 476 - Linguistic History of Spain

This seminar provides advanced-level language students with the understanding of the evolution of the Spanish language. It focuses on the external history (i.e., cultural, social, historical, and political factors that contributed to the evolution of Spanish from Latin to early romance, and then to the modern language), as well as the internal linguistic changes (i.e., changes in sounds, word formation, sentence structure, and vocabulary). These external and internal developments are considered within the context of linguistic diversity of pre-modern Iberia. Special attention is paid to historical explanations of “irregularities” found in modern Spanish. Therefore, the course is of interest to students who wish to improve their understanding of the idiosyncrasies of the Spanish language. The class also linguistically analyzes a selection from pre-modern texts. This analysis is of particular interest to students who plan to take courses in medieval, Golden Age, and colonial Spanish literature. The course does not presuppose knowledge of linguistics or languages other than Spanish. Taught in Spanish.

Credits: 1.00
Corequisite: None
Prerequisites: None
Major/Minor Restrictions: None
Class Restriction: None
Area of Inquiry: Human Thought and Expression
Liberal Arts CORE: None

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