2018-2019 University Catalogue 
    Aug 13, 2022  
2018-2019 University Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CORE 142S - Contemporary Issues in Computer Science

An introduction to contemporary concepts, models, and issues in computer science. Topics are chosen from the nature of computation, algorithms and their applications, data centers and cloud computing, software engineering, logic and system design, programming languages, security, big data and data mining, mobile computing, and others. These topics relate to contemporary experience by examining issues such as privacy, software reliability, information access, politics and social networks, e-commerce, electronic piracy, globalization, hacking, ownership of bits, copyright and patent infringement.

Credits: 1.00
Crosslisted: COSC 150  
Corequisite: None
Prerequisites: None
Major/Minor Restrictions: None
Class Restriction: No Junior, Senior
Area of Inquiry: None
Liberal Arts CORE: Scientific Perspectives

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